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Recently Posted Private Classes

Music Recording & Production, film music composing
EN. Learn how to use pro tools and logic while producing your own music. Learn different recording techniques and the use of microphones with professional equipment . Basics of mixing and mastering Are you passioned about film music? Learn the tools of a film composer, making music for different film genres. NL. Leer pro tools en logic gebruiken en produceer je eigen muziek Leer verschillende opnametechnieken en gebruik van microfoons met professionele apratuur. Basis van mixing en mastering Ben je gepassioneerd door filmmuziek? Leer de tools van een film componist, maak muziek voor verschillende film genres SP. Aprende a usar pro tools y logic produciendo tu propia música. Aprende diferentes técnicas de grabación y microfonía usando equipo profesional

Poûet! poûet! poûet! The Trumpet is great!
Hello, I am a passionate young musician, multi-instrumentalist but trained trumpeter, I have been exploring the many facets of musical expression for 15 years. The musical openness, the technical background and the experiences of multiple styles allow me to adapt my teaching to the needs and wishes of the student, and lead me to offer an accompanied teaching on guitar, piano or percussion. On this support a work of improvisation and musical listening is also offered. After my CEM course at the Bayonne Regional Conservatory and one year of private teaching, I have the educational tools necessary for effective technical education. Recalling the real interest of technique as a means of serving expression, I invite my students to explore and work through play, and to find their own expression. Learning the theory can be done upstream, or integrated into the learning of instrumental playing. Welcome to all students from 6 to 666 years old!

English for beginners, intermediate + upper intermediate
As a Cambridge teacher I am able to teach English professionally, personal and methodologically. We start lessons by checking youre level of English and then design the lessons by your aims and needs. Lessons are prepared through Cambridge method and the material is up to date.

Juan Carlos
Violin and music theory lessons: for beginner, intermediate and advanced level.
My name is Juan Carlos and I am master student at the Koninklijk Conservatoire Antwerp. If you are interested in learning music, playing the violin or you need help with anything like music theory, I can help you. You can contact me and tell me what you are interested in so I can help you with what you need.

Corona proof, Dutch for "non-natives", Google Meetup webcam lessons, skype ...
Dutch for French, German or English speaking people of all levels. Grammar - spelling - pronunciation - conversation - writing - preparation for a test or a job exam. I adapt the lessons to the student. If you wish, the following elements are possible: correction and revision, proofreading of articles and theses, translation from French or German. The price of a lesson applies to 1 person. For 2 or more people, I can adapt the price.

Biology,Cell and Molecular Biology, English and test prep tutoring
Does Biology make your life hard? Do you have difficulties in learning biology by heart? Do you want to take SAT Biology E/M test? If you have one of the above-mentioned situations, all you need is learning how to enjoy biology via in-depth examples. I have studied Cell and Molecular Biology for 8 years now and I am sure that I can help you to understand it in an enjoyable and efficient way. You can also improve your language skills during the course as it is going to be taught in English. This would be a big help if you are fond of being employed in collaborative international working environments.

Piano lessons for acquiring and/or improving piano skills
In my class, I teach piano in a way that allows you to make progress on your own. "Don't give a man a fish, instead teach him how to fish," is the idea here. My methods include, besides basics, approaches to expressing your own musicality, stable memorization, practice habits and efficiency, technical ease, focus exercises, body awareness, and stage fright. Hence, I am best suited for intermediate and advanced students that have the desire to either study piano on a collegiate level or make significant improvements for themselves. I would like to add at this point that I have a special affinity for the concert etudes by Frédéric Chopin. However, I am perfectly happy to start with students from the very beginning as well and regardless, I will adjust to my student's needs upon mutual agreement. My free times that I listed as available are a rough estimate, lesson times are normally negotiable.

Science, biology and veterinary course courses (secondary or higher level)
With a master's degree in veterinary medicine, I am available to give courses in general sciences, biology as well as for the courses of the veterinary course (bachelor or master). Assistance in preparing for the blockade (planning, working method, summaries, etc.) is also possible.

Vietnamese, how to speak Vietnamese fluently for foreigners
You can learn Vietnamese with a diplomatic woman who comes from Vietnam. you will be guided from the basic to advanced level of Vietnamese. I can pronounce Vietnamese with Northern or Southern accent. I know the method to help you learn fast Vietnamese. I can speak English, French and Dutch. Therefore I know how to compare Vietnamese with those languages to help you remember the lessons easily and fast. I love Vietnamese. Then I think you will not only learn the language with me but also you will experience the beauty of the language.

Business English - Improve your English skills for work
Hello, My name is Suzi and I am an English Language Trainer. Specialization: I am specialized in teaching English to professionals who need to boost their language skills. This can be work-focussed only (meetings, presentations, fluency, increasing vocabulary, pronunciation or getting more confidence) or our lessons can also be extended to other areas such as travel, expressing feelings, describing your health etc. My method: Every person learns in a different way and I adapt our lessons according to your personal needs and level. I am very sensitive to your needs and apply NLP techniques to see if you prefer a visual, kinaesthetic or auditory approach. My lessons are very interactive using a mix of exercises, conversation and reading that will help you to improve your English in an effective and motivating way while having fun! Experience: I have many years of experience working with business professionals and students from all nationalities. Where: online When: flexible times Level of satisfaction: 99% of my students enjoyed very much my lessons and thank me for their progress Want to start your English lessons? Get in touch with me now! See you - Suzi!

4 English language skills : Listening , Speaking, Reading, and writing.
Hello there! Our lessons will always be well organized, well planned and well structured. By the End of the Course You Will: - You will begin to speak English - Significantly improve your English pronunciation - Learn tons of English words and phrases on many different topics - Feel confident speaking English. - Understand native English speakers with ease. I look forward to meeting you!

Spanish private lessons in Masseik, suitable for all levels
¡Hola! My name is Alex and I am a Spanish language teacher with Masters Degree specializing in using new technologies in language teaching and learning! I would be thrilled to be able to offer you an insight into wonderful Spanish language, literature and culture. I do have experience in teaching different nationalities and using their native languages a a reference when giving explanation so that my students can relate, implement the knowledge that they already possess while absorbing new practices! Let's get started!

Professional violinist graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels gives violin and music theory lessons at all levels!
Juliette, a young professional violinist who obtained my master's degree from the Brussels Conservatory in 2018 in Shirly Laub's class, gives violin and music theory lessons. I adapt to everyone, by offering more technical or rather free courses, whether improvisation or music theory, as long as we can do beautiful things, I also adapt to all levels and all ages !

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and any life science
I teach math and life science. I myself studied these subjects for 3 years at the university. I have a lot of materials (books, print outs, etc.) to help me teach these subjects. I have a lot of experience tutoring these subjects to kids and teens. It feels very rewarding to see someone be happy with a good test on a subject they were struggling with.

Sports (fitness) and martial arts (taekwondo) classes
Taekwondo lessons, combat technique, self defense, physical condition. Fitness classes, support for your recovery in shape. My coaching is focused on self-displacement, I will help you achieve all your goals. I have been practicing taekwondo for over 30 years and have been teaching for 20 years. I have several championship titles (national and international). I have done a lot of internship abroad (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, ...

Language lessons / tutoring Japanese, English, Dutch: all levels
Hello, my name is Wim. I lived in Japan for 22 years where I taught classes to students of different ages in my language school. With my experience I could help you with extensive Japanese, English and Dutch language lessons. Non-Dutch-speaking students are of course also welcome. If you are interested or if you have any questions, you can always contact me. CV and work experience: 1992: The Japan Foundation, Association of International Education, Tokyo, Japanese language exam passed the highest level, 1993-1995: University of Tokyo, Division of Humanities, Philosophy, Post Graduate Research Student, 1984 - 2005 English language school in Japan, (owner-teacher). 2006-2020 language school Antwerp / Brussels (owner-teacher). Sworn Interpreter and Translator, Justice of the Peace / Dendermonde-Hamme Court, 2013.

Singing lessons and / or piano lessons in Wervik, from beginner to advanced.
The experience that performing entails on the one hand and the pedagogical baggage on the other, give me the opportunity to give singing and piano lessons in a homely yet professional atmosphere tailored to each student, with his own musical background; this in addition to giving singing lessons at the Poperinge academy. Each learner is given the opportunity to discover and develop his talents in a meticulous, profound and comprehensive way. Master in classical singing, diplôme de fin d'études in piano.

Drawing lessons: comic, cartoon, manga, any style and level
The classes are completely practical, focused on whatever the student requires. The first class is to establish the pupil's level, giving him or her some information and advice and proposing a few exercises to practice. From the second class, we start correcting the exercises from the last session, adding new information, and proposing more exercises. Learning how to draw is not easy, but this method is the most comfortable way. Moreover, we start drawing whatever the pupil wants, which motivates him/her to continue drawing. The lessons can be about character design, anatomy, perspective, backgrounds, line art, color, storytelling, comics, and illustration. It can be traditional, digital, or both.

Academic support for primary and secondary students
Associate professor, I have been teaching theater and spoken French for several years now in schools in the Brussels region. In this complicated period for the students, I offer support lessons and homework help to primary school children. I also give French and English lessons, whether for beginners or secondary school support. Trained at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in theater and speech art, I offer an interactive and fun pedagogy that puts the student and his skills at the center of learning. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information, I will be happy to answer you.

Music theory (theory of notes, reading notes, rhythm, music history)
It is true what they say music theory can be very boring, I would like to change that. Do you think I have wanted to read notes all my life, or would you like to master your rhythm or would you like to know everything about Mozart's life? TOP! Then I am the person who can help you. Are you a beginner who doesn't know how to start BINGO then you found me. Are you an advanced person who might need some challenges or even want to climb to the top BINGO then you have found me too. I can put myself in his place very well, so I quickly understand what is difficult or what you like. I am someone who is very patient. Although I have to explain it to you 10 times, that's okay. Everyone needs their own time. If you are interested send me quickly then we can make an appointment to meet each other and then I can ask you what you really expect from me. And then make music!

English for business, pleasure, Cambridge IELTS & FCE preparation, intercultural awareness
Through the lexical approach, you will enhance your existing knowledge of the language, brush up your grammar and become proficient enough to do your job better, get that dream job or simply pass an exam. I favour A number of memory aids and activities designed to use and retain concepts and vocabulary, focusing on breaking bad, old habits which have to date prevented your English from progressing further. Materials come from a variety of sources.