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Recently Posted Private Classes

Aide aux devoirs ou cours particulier en mathématiques
Étudiante en terminale scientifique avec option maths, propose de l'aide aux devoirs ou des cours de mathématiques pour du niveau collège. De plus, je fais de l'aide aux devoirs dans mon lycée depuis deux ans. Je peux également donner des cours en physique-chimie. N'hésitez pas à me contacter !

French,English, Afro beat dance class and Test prep
Language is an interesting part of communication and communication is key for out day to day interactions,networking and building relationships. I will be able to offer the skills you need to be able to communicate effectively in French or English and aswell teach you how to dance if you enjoy dancing

En visioconférence, renforcement et cours de soutien en économie-gestion / CEJM/ SES
Enseignant en Économie-gestion (CEJM). Mes cours débutent toujours par une écoute attentive de l’élève, dans le but de comprendre ses besoins (connaissances, difficultés, méthodologie). Je construis ensuite avec lui un plan de travail vers un objectif de réussite.

Native (American) speaker. Patient, skilled, CELTA-certified attorney.
Learning is best approached as a puzzle and not as a problem; it is your job to put the puzzle pieces together, but it is my job to guide you as needed, by providing the missing pieces that you either have forgotten, or new pieces to complete a new puzzle. I listen carefully, and give correction, examples, and clear explanation. Hello! I'm Joel. I am an English teacher from Los Angeles, California, USA. In normal times -- outside the pandemic -- I am an Academic Director for a language school in Istanbul. School's closed at the moment, of course, but life goes on, and so now I'm here! I have years of experience as a teacher of English, and I've lived and worked in Taiwan, Vietnam, America, Poland, and the great nation of Turkey. I've taught high school/university students, managers, attorneys, university professors, accountants, engineers (civil, mechanical, computer, chemical), English teachers, and high-profile government officials. My approach to teaching is unique, engaging, encouraging, enjoyable, and just a bit challenging (suited to your level). At my school, I oversee the hiring and training of our teaching staff. And I manage the following programs: General English: Grammar and Conversation Test Preparation (YDT/LYS, YDS, TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Exams) Academic & Technical Writing (Including for Publication in International Journals) Business English (Formal Writing, Public Presentations, Negotiations) Other Specialized Englishes (Legal, Engineering, Accounting, Textiles/Fashion, Public Policy) Academic & Professional Counselling Pronunciation/Accent Reduction (for example: do you know which *FIVE* sounds of spoken English are the most important for Turkish natives to practice?) If you have other unique needs (not on this list), bring them on! I am highly adaptable, creative, and resourceful in finding the material and designing a customized program to help you reach your language goals. In earlier careers, I was a licensed attorney and Federal Investigator. I have received awards for legal writing and spoken argument, and written legal material received by the Supreme Court of California. My education includes a Bachelor's in Classical Languages from one of the top universities in America; a Doctorate in Laws; and a post-doctoral degree in Taxation. At university I studied several languages (Ancient Greek & Spanish; Sanskrit & Mandarin at Harvard University), and a great deal of linguistics. Finally, I also hold a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, Cambridge University). IN CONCLUSION, you're probably stuck at home. There is no need to stop your life, education, and professional development; the future is approaching! As the saying goes, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." So: let's make some lemonade together :)

Law School Level Gym and Business School + Business Employee Training
⚠️This course is no longer available currently but by webcam (see the course provided for this purpose on my profile) To start, I must specify that the approach will not be the same if you are learning or in school (high school, gymnasium) because the two courses address the same points in a different way. For secondary 1, the course will be adapted completely. A typical course takes place as follows: - If this is the first course: I would ask you how you work (how many hours and how to advise you on a more effective method if necessary), your results on exams carried out and in which areas you have difficulties - discussion on the tests to come (ex: I have a test on the balance sheet / on bankruptcy next Tuesday) and if possible analysis of past tests. - If the questions are ready then we answer them directly, otherwise the student works and I help him (important to ask questions) OR I can also proceed to the correction of homework / presentations and work with him - Quick conclusion to know if the answers were complete enough NB: Preparation for an exam => I can prepare standard questions or look in my files if I have an exam that looks like it (rather for apprentices because I have a certain amount for them) In terms of how it works: 1. In Neuchâtel, the course takes place mainly in the libraries and student spaces near the March 1st building. 2. In Broye, you have to look at each case. Regarding academic difficulties, I can also help in English. If you are interested or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mathematics and physics tutor ( STUDENTS AND SCHOOL)
I am a graduate of PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS at the Jagiellonian University. For some time I worked as a teacher of mathematics in Cracow, but later I was tempted by more interesting job offers, among others, as a programmer and gps map computation analyst at tom tom polska sa in Łódź until 2012 - 2017 when I founded a private tutoring company called - online assignments for students in subjects such as mathematics, physics, general mechanics and statistics.

Learn to cook Authentic Indian food from a native person
Interested in learning authentic Indian cooking in a friendly environment, The intention of these cooking sessions is to introduce you to the rich and diverse culture of Indian cooking. The class is best suitable for a group of 4. The menu will be decided before hand, All the ingredients for the session will be provided by us. All that you have to do is come in as a group learn the recipes and sit and enjoy the meal. Everything cooked by you on the day can be packed back. In the end we will provide you detailed recipe notes of the items cooked during the session. Also point you towards the local stores in your neighborhood where you can purchase them from.

apprendre la langue française, grammaire, conjugaison
Ce cours aide a améliorer les connaissances en langue française au niveau de la grammaire, la conjugaison et le lexique. Pour les élèves, c'est au même temps un apprentissage et aussi un soutien ( aider à faire et corriger les devoirs d une manière éducative et professionnelle ) . Et pour les adultes c'est apprendre la langue française selon les besoins de la personne et aussi selon son niveau .

Private lessons - tutoring - homework help
Pupil in Terminale ES, I offer varied courses in all disciplines ranging from primary to Seconde, and focused on the subjects of the ES stream for First and Terminals. The formats are diverse: it can be homework help, like resuming a school lesson, or donating lessons. I can, depending on the needs, carry out a more or less advanced monitoring, by correcting certain productions for example.

Cours particuliers de Russe pour toutes les tranches d'âge
Je suis russe d'origine (moscovite) et je donne des cours de russe depuis 20 ans. Le russe est une langue très intéressante et la culture de la Russie est très riche. Je propose différents cours : cours de rattrapages pour les étudiants en supérieur, cours spécifiques pour les enfants russophones, cours pour les débutants intéressés par le russe,... Lorsque nous aurons défini vos besoins et votre niveau, je peux fournir le support nécessaire à votre apprentissage.

Programming Languages Classes in Python, Java, C++ and Matlab
I specialize in applied computer science to artificial intelligence and machine learning. If you wish to learn a programming language from beginner level to advanced, then I can help you reach that goal in any of the languages: Python, Java or C++. In addition, once we've tackled advanced levels of the language, we can proceed to topics on artificial intelligence and machine learning that are essential skills in the market today.

Prof. Gitarrenunterricht Online via Skype, Zoom,
Bei einem sehr guten Lehrer lernen, auch wenn er vielleicht Hunderte Kilometer entfernt wohnt? Jetzt ist die Chance, um zu starten und Online-Unterricht auszuprobieren. Qualifikation und Erfahrung: Zwei staatliche Abschlüsse (staatlich geprüfter Gitarrenlehrer und Künstlerische Reifeprüfung), 30 Jahre Unterrichtserfahrung, über 2.500 Konzerte und Engagements, 8 Jahre Workshops in Deutschland und im Ausland für Gitarre, Liedbegleitung und Stimmbildung, klassische und moderne Spieltechniken, musikalisch vielseitig, Komponist und Autor, Mehrfacher nationaler Preisträger u.a. als "Bester Gitarrist" beim 35. Deutschen Rock & Pop Preis 2017, Schwerpunkt Acoustic/Steelstring, aber auch klassische Gitarre, E-Gitarre, Ukulele, Mandoline, Lapsteelgitarre Spezialist für Fingerstyle und Liedbegleitung Autor des aktuellen Buches "Der große Pattern-Guide - 125 Gitarrenpatterns für 500 Songs" (Ricordi 2019) Du suchst: einen erfahrenen, engagierten und empathischen Lehrer, der dich genau da abholt, wo du stehst und der dich wirklich weiter bringt? Dann bist du bei mir richtig. Melde dich gerne, ich freue mich

Academic tutor: One to one- Any requires, please message.
• Preparing slides and organising lessons in advance helped me chronically explain in limited time • Simplifying complicated steps and teaching the methods step by step required patience and dedication as some of the students were as young as 6 years old. • I enjoy teaching as it helps me relax and liberate myself from the temporary stress, allowing me to unwind.

Cours de Russe tous niveaux à Lausanne, et par Skype, Zoom
Professeure diplômée, de langue maternelle russe, avec 25 ans d'expérience d'enseignement du russe comme langue étrangère, propose des cours de russe (individuels ou collectifs) pour tous les niveaux. Méthode interactive et efficace, approche individualisée centrée sur vos besoins et horaires flexibles. Préparation pour les examens de certification.

Personal Trainer et instructeur Fitness diplômé, donne des coachings individuels ou collectifs adaptés à vos objectifs sportifs !
- Vos objectifs seront évalués lors de la première séance: remise en forme, perte de poids, préparation physique... - Mes cours seront adaptés à tous les profils et tous les niveaux. - Les exercices seront variés et un maximum ludiques pour que vous preniez du plaisir à pratiquer. - Circuit training, HIIT, cardio training, exercices avec ou sans appareil, exercices adaptés à votre sport favori, découverte de nouvelles activités... -Suivi, motivation et valorisation de soi. Dès le moment ou nous travaillons ensemble, votre objectif devient mon objectif et je donnerais tout pour que vous le réalisiez.

Programming Languages Classes in Python, Java, C++ and Matlab
I specialize in applied computer science to artificial intelligence and machine learning. If you wish to learn a programming language from beginner level to advanced, then I can help you reach that goal in any of the languages: Python, Java or C++. In addition, once we've tackled advanced levels of the language, we can proceed to topics on artificial intelligence and machine learning that are essential skills in the market today.

Drum Kit Lessons Online & in person: 1-1 Drum kit lessons for all ages and abilities, all learners welcome.
Drum Kit Lessons for all ages and abilities. I'm an experienced live and studio session drummer with vast experience of Live performance, Touring, and Recording sessions. I have had the pleasure of working with some incredible musicians and producers and have played top level venues such as The Royal Albert hall, Shepherds Bush Empire, Festivals such as the inaugural BBC 6 Music Festival (main stage) Bestival, The Great Escape, Glastonbury and toured extensively over the UK with a number of Major label, indie, and Unsigned original artists live, on recordings, and on broadcasts. I have been working as a Drum Kit teacher for 13 years and my teaching philosophy is to make the lessons a fun place to play, learn, and work hard. I want students to leave the room smiling and itching to practice and better themselves not only in their lessons but in their own time too. Enjoyment is key, no matter the level of aims of each student, and I always build my lessons around activities that will instil solid technique in a way that is relevant and inspires them to play. stuartprovandrums.com

Arabisch taal ( Lezen < spreken< schrijven<Luisteren < Gramatica)
Ik heb Arabiche leraar afgestudeerd waarvan een bachelor diploma heb gehaald. ik heb 3 jaar ervaring als leraar . de leeftijd maakt het niet veel uit . Mijn doel is om de leerlingen student uit te dagen maar niet te overweldigen. Ik geef huiswerk na elke les

German lessons for all ages and levels (Native German Speaker!)
Would you like to learn German from the beginning? Or just revise your already existing skills? I would like to do that with YOU! Tailor-made lessons and conversation classes adapted to each student or company's interests and goals. With a focus on speaking and listening, we use a wide range of activities and exercises. News articles and textbooks, as well as audiovisual materials and a friendly, professional environment, provide the basis for effective, authentic and interactive expression and communication. I am a native German speaker from Weimar, with a lot of experience in teaching. So don't be shy, contact me :)

Mathematics B VMBO / HAVO / VWO theory explanation, homework guidance and test preparation
Math tutor B for all levels in high school. I have several years of experience, mainly HAVO and VWO 3rd class to final exam. My lessons usually consist in part of dealing with theory, then catching up on overdue homework and finally working on the lesson material, so that lessons at school are easier to follow.

Oral English practice, IELTS, Intermediate and Beginners
Objective of the lesson 🎯 You will be able to speak about daily topics in English fluently. You will be able to express yourself in a conversation with others. Suitable students This course is for everyone who would like to speak English fluently in a British neutral accent 🔊🇬🇧 Introduction of the lesson Below are the topics that I will cover in detail to start of with and then we can move onto the next unit when you feel confident. 🎯 I will use numerous speaking activities to help you use vocabularies in sentences correctly. 🎯 You will be able to ask and answer simple questions and relate the questions to your daily life.